Why People Prefer An Organic Jute Yoga Mat & Its Advantages

Flower of Life Yoga Mats

YogaTribe® proudly brings you our Flower of Life Yoga Mats, designed to harmonise your practice and express universal togetherness. Our first design ever made, here we incorporate sacred geometric patterns to return to the beginning that has no end. Know that you are home from the very start of your yoga practice with YogaTribe eco jute yoga mats. Available in beige, pistachio green, black, red wine, coral and purple; there is a colour that’s meant for you in amongst our jute yoga mat range.

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As more and more yogis develop their intrinsic connection to the earth, we move away from harmful, toxic chemicals and towards more natural solutions. Here is the journey taken by YogaTribe® towards producing our ultimate organic jute mat. Free from toxins, our jute yoga mat shall do no harm to your body, nor to the environment.

We have made a sacred promise to produce premium yoga equipment that places value on the ethical service provided, rather than serving material needs. Our organic jute yoga mats are of a luxurious quality, combining eco friendly materials and beautiful design to bring you the ultimate eco yoga mat. Choose to invest in your yoga practice today with a natural jute yoga mat from YogaTribe.


Organic Jute Mat

Where style and function combine, an organic jute mat is born. We love our non-slip organic jute yoga mat that’s versatile enough to support you through any practice. Extra-thickness allows for all that comfy cushioning to keep you safe.

Get up and get out there to practice on your YogaTribe jute yoga mat. Finely crafted from organic jute fibres and (PER) polymer environmental resin, our organic jute mats are naturally non-toxic and plastic-free. Such a unique blend of materials guarantees you a smoother practice, delivering extra cushioning and support to you, right where it’s needed most. Durable and supportive, your YogaTribe jute yoga mat can be relied upon throughout a lifetime. Extend your practice with a YogaTribe natural jute yoga mat. Derive a greater connection to, and appreciation for, the natural world all around us as you enter your practice upon YogaTribe Flower of Life Yoga Mats.

Caring for your Eco Yoga Mat

We have developed a 100% organic and pure mat spray to cleanse and freshen your mat. Crystal Mat Cleaning Spray only from YogaTribe.

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