YogaTribe® Special Edition Gift Cards


Share the JOY of wellness with our special edition YogaTribe® Gift Certificates

Giving the gift of Yoga goes beyond the tangible into the deep and wonderfully long term benefits of wellness. 

We are all becoming increasingly aware of the importance of paying attention to physical and emotional well-being over material needs. The beauty of yoga is that it combines both.

YogaTribe® celebrates yoga practice and wellness in a truly sustainable way by offering a Tribal community as well as ecological yoga products free of toxins in production and in the final product.

  • Valid for 12 months
  • Redeemable across the collection
  • The gift of devoted service is always included
  • Created with love
  • Crafted with care

Environmentalism is no longer a marginal movement. The importance of living sustainably and in harmony with our land is increasingly accepted and necessary, at some point it will touch your heart, your core and you can no longer live differently.

Those who practice yoga tend to seek greater harmony, an immortal inner truth about themselves and the world they occupy. 

With All Our Love



YogaTribe Special Occasion Gift Cards

Celebrate your love this Valentines day with gift cards from YogaTribe. For a gift that’s crafted with care, choose our special edition gift card to access all of our eco and sustainable wellbeing products. Share the joy of wellness with your loved ones this Valentines Day, the gift of yoga brings lifelong benefits. Invest in your emotional and physical wellbeing rather than simple material needs, yoga creates harmony within the soul. YogaTribe is proud to be a sustainable gifting choice with our gift cards offering full access to our range of eco friendly yoga gear free of toxins and non-harmful to our environment.

Online Gift Vouchers

With our online gift vouchers, you are giving the gift of choice with full access across our entire collection to be redeemed for up to 12 months. Our friendly and devoted service is always included, as per the YogaTribe standard of love and care for our Tribal community. Seek harmony within your soul by dedicating the gift of yoga to yourself and your loved ones. Caring for our environment is a collective task, share the importance of living sustainably among your tribe. Get back into balance with YogaTribe gift cards to find inner peace within your practice.

Buy Gift Cards Online

We’ve made it easy for you to buy gift cards online available in several denominations to suit every budget. With several unique, New Zealand-designed gift cards to choose from, add a personal touch to your gift card to let your special someone know just how much they mean to you.

How to buy gift cards online

Available online, YogaTribe gift cards make for hassle-free gift giving with an easy checkout process so that you can send your gift card direct to its recipient. Gift cards come in handy when sending love from afar or simply to those who enjoy finding the best yoga gear online.

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