The closest extension from nature… now in your hand… we have created the purest eco yoga mat in the market, not only because has no toxics in it but because we care about the entire chain of production.
You can rest , that even the label of Y.E.S. mat is printed with natural inks in organic cotton labels, no use of polyesters or toxins.
With you & the planet in our minds… @yogatribeoflove develop the finest eco range in the yoga market , keeping it affordable for those one that are happy to invest for quality and sustainability. Alongside the Natural Rubber Yoga Mat.
We have everything you need to SAY Y.E.S. to become a conscious STUDIO.
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Yogatribe eco studio range

We have built a new 100% Natural tree Rubber Yoga Mat, our 'renewal' mat is made of only 2 renewable ingredients : Natural Tree Rubber & Organic Jute, which ensures our yoga mat is a non-toxic, non-phlegmatic, latex-free and silicone-free product.

Our Mats are 100% naturally biodegradable
and contribute to a circular economy.

 Reward the planet and yourself with YogaTribe®. 

 When you choose to become a Y.E.S. Studio ( check our Instagram account for inspiration @yogatribecostudio), you are not only saying YES to sustainability , ethical chain of production and toxic free organic products, you are also saying YES to become part fo a bigger picture, a real YOGA TRIBE, a tribe of love, a tribe who cares and act upon it!

We are currently working in builduing a GLOBAL ALLIANCE  that will allow us to connect with our fellows Yogis around the world who choose to care about the same principal of eradicating plastic from the Yoga world and truly bring mindfulness in all we do in our lives. Stay in tune with us to know more about this project and when it become official.

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