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YogaTribe Reviews

I practice with longer/wider 2.15m Peace Warrior mat.
So much better having bit more space on yoga mat so not dangling over the edges - especially in a full class with not much room.

Love the arrow design thru centre - excellent markings to help with alignment and ongoing changes to hand and foot placement.

Love my Yogatribe mat! 🤟🏽❤️

YogaTribe reviews

Friendly and inclusive, open and honest, loving and loyal. Its not about buying a product with Yogatribe, its more like realising acceptance into new life.

YogaTribe reviews

I love my new mat from Yogatribe. It enriches my practice so much as the arrow on the mat provides direction. I find it much easier to keep the balance and align my body.
Also on a spiritual level, the arrow strengthens my flow while doing the upward facing dog in a magical way. I really love the mat.

PS: I've also met the founder of Yogatribe, Coka. She is an absolutely amazing person, so warmhearted, caring and interesting. I wish her all the best on her journey and hope I will cross path with her again. xx

Not only has Coka designed a beautiful, durable organic yoga mat but she has also created a community fuelled with love, passion and support.

My Yoga tribe mat has been with me almost and year and it's magic is still there just as much as it was on day one.

It's an absolute gift to practice on this mat and an absolute gift to consider myself apart of this amazing tribe.

Samantha Hardes


The mats are amazing! They allow you to align your body, mind and soul, the material is reliable, it just feels right! Yogatribe allows you to connect with way more than your practice but also with the tribe of love that is behind this movement. Thanks!


Malena Cingolani 

My Yoga Tribe mat provided kindly by Coka has to be the most comfortable mat I have used and gets better with age. Coka generously provided mats at the Byron Spirit Retreat for us all to practice on and the beautiful selection of colours was a real pleasure to see. Try one out!! Hari Om

Gareth Lamb