Become an ambassador for our tribe.


We engage with passionate world shifters, game shakers, light bringers everywhere in the globe, to keep us connected with those who are searching for the highest version of themselves and looking to be active in their practice of yoga ON and OFF the mat.


Our ambassadors share their love of YogaTribe® products with their community and embody the values that we stand for. Compassion, Warmth, Integrity, Empathy, Trust & love. They embody our ethos and way of looking at this world. They share what’s happening in this tribe and invite light-workers around the globe to be part of this movement by being an example of what is living your truth.

Who can apply?

Anyone who reads our story and feels their heartbeat a little bit faster.

Anyone who believes enough on themselves that are willing to take risks and know they are accepted  because their light shines so bright that it can't be missed!

Anyone who is actively growing their yoga communities, a yoga life or their own story that takes them to a path of looking for a union with their mind-body & spirit.

We especially love to seeing applications from those who would like to share their journey, their story and putting their message out loud and proud on social media... 

Social Media Responsibilities 
Post/Share a minimum of 1x Facebook & 1x       Instagram promotional post every 2 week on your personal pages. 
Posts should always be relevant and promote  YogaTribe® in some manner (ie. you in    YogaTribe® apparel or holding/showcasing YogaTribe® mats). No other brand or identity portrayed in these posts. 
You must tag and mention YogaTribe® in your post.

  Repost/Like/Share or Comment at least 2x posts per week from any YogaTribe® social media channel. We need to create a close relationship with our ambassadors, feel them active in the need of spreading the word for us and what we stand for. As long as we feel you as part of the tribe we can proudly call you our ambassador.  
Social media posts containing YogaTribe® must include the following: HASHTAGS  #yogatribe #tribeoflove #yogatribemat #yogatribeecomats #yogatribeworld #jointhetribe #joinourtribe #jointheyogatribe #weareyogatribe #bestyogamats TAGS @yogatribeofficial  Other secondary hashtags might be suggested during the term of this agreement or you can get creative and make your own 


Public Events/PR Responsibilities

Actively promote YogaTribe® to friends, colleagues, family etc. at gym, yoga studios/classes, industry events, leisure events

 Wear YogaTribe® apparel when participating in YOGA/WELLNESS events

Mention YogaTribe® when participating in: 

 industry events
 charitable/community involvement,
 acceptance of any award,
 interview, either written or oral/video

Restrictions and Provisions

   YogaTribe® reserves the right to terminate this agreement at its discretion. Likewise, you have the right to terminate this agreement at your discretion given 2 weeks in advance.

 You agree not to disparage or comment negatively about the Company or its products, services, officers, management, current or former employees. Even after the termination of this agreement.

 Being a YogaTribe® Brand Ambassador requires professional conduct in all matters associated with the company – online and in person. YogaTribe®, in turn, is expected to support its Brand Ambassadors’ image in the most professional manner.

 Any photos, videos or other digital assets produced as part of this agreement will immediately become property of YogaTribe®, and must not be used for any other purposes outside promotion of YogaTribe® brand.

 Please Refrain from the following;

                                            Being seen to use or endorse other yoga mat than YogaTribe®

                                             Appearing in photographs where competing branding can be seen

                                            Giving or selling your discount products to others

                                            Criticising other people, brands, suppliers, retailers or products

 As a representative of YogaTribe®, please consider the context of your message in the news feed environment, and make sure that Social Media profiles images and photographs are:

   In good taste and free from unacceptable or unlawful material or remarks, including offensive, abusive or discriminatory comments of any  kind;

   Free from threatening, bullying or harassment of another person or making excessive or unreasonable demands upon another person;

   Free from sexually explicit or overtly sexually suggestive material or correspondence;

 Free from false or defamatory information about a person or organisation

Confidential YogaTribe® information must not be shared outside of the company, without authorisation, at any time.

YogaTribe® owns any communication sent via email or any other mode of communication.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to become a member of the Brand Ambassador Team at YogaTribe®! Fill this form if you feel you are ready to go on this journey with us and see what we can create together. Thanks for taking the time to read all our conditions and needs, we truly believe clear communication creates a beautiful relationship.

Sending you a world of Gratitude for taking the time to reach out!