Frequently Asked Questions

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Yoga Mat

Your individual mat or collection will bring you joy for many years if you care for, use and store them with love and respect. We provide a loving and devoted customer service for any issues you may be experiencing.

Our guarentee is for 12 months however we anticipate a long and loving relationship and will support you right thorugh it. 

You most certainly can use either side of any of our YogaTribe® Eco Yoga Mats.

We have created stunning Flower of Life and Metatron Designs that been thoughtfully and expertly used to convey strength, power and direction for both masculine and feminine energies in their yoga practice, beyond asanas. Use these designs as you wish and use the plain block colour as and when your heart and mind desire.   

Absolutely it is. Try both sides of the mat and explore the reversability and dual gripping potential. 

Of course you can.

Our Tribe have found lasting devotion to their mats as their needs have evolved. With both a design and block colour option you can fine tune the resenance fo your mat to any purpose including pilates, mediation... your hearts desire will be met. 

Our collection of sustainable accessories have been carefully selected and crafted to cover the needs of all levels of yoga practice. 

We release blogs and content regularly to develope understanding around the enormous benefits available to your pracise through props. 

Ask you local YogeTribe stockist also who will take pleasure in assiting you with thier knowledge.  

Yes you can. We have a wide range of stockists internationally and are at this time redeveloping that arm of the Tribal Community with more pandemic support and an enhanced assurance of sustainable practice.

We will be making a deeper and more meaningful preascnse this year through our devoted community of studios and stockists. 

For general cleaning we recommend using our carefully crafted and handmade Organic Crystal Mat Spray. Beyond cleaning and caring for your mat, the Crystal Spray provides also for your breath and practice with the aromatherapy of the natural and premium organic oils.

You can also innovate and craft your own natural cleaner and freshener by adding lemon juice to some water.

Do ensure that you allow your mat to air drycompletely, in the sun if possible. This include the area under and surrounding your YogaTribe label. Rolling, packing or storing your mat while damp could cause mold and other damage to its integrity.

How often should I clean my mat?

When you feel you should first and foremost. Especially if you don't share your mat. Once a week with light use or after each practice with heavy use, especially in hot yoga. Detox spray keeps your gear looking fresh and can help remove the build up of your body’s oils which can decrease grip over time. 

This isn't normal and we'd really love for you to reach out to our devoted customer servants for some help to replace, reduce or refund your purchase.

In May of 2019 we most unfortuantely received a batch of mats with an approximate 15% defect rate in the quality of the rubber. We found this within 2 specific colours; the Coral and the Purple and so have moved these mats into a Factory Second Oulet collection. These mats deserve a purpose before disposal and you are most welcome to purchase one.

If the baove defect is found in your mat from any other colour range, please contact us immediately. You should expect and receive superior quality with any YogaTribe Eco Yoga mat that has been created with love for you.

Yes they are!

It is our mission and promise is to bring you a way to sustainably practise yogo through asanas and beyond. We wish to replace and eliminate all forms of plastic yoga products that will not only cause harm to our planet but will add no value to our personal space and wellbeing with their physical prescense.

Please practise sustainably.