Tribe of Love Foundation partners with people in our community, and all over the world, to help them recognise they have the ability to heal themselves from within.

Whatever you are going through we want to remind you that it’s is happening for you and not to you.

Feelings are just visitors, let them come and let them go. Whatever you are, just be here now. Know that silence is not empty…it’s where all the answers lie. 

We want to create a space for you to REMEMBER this. To get together as a community and create a safe and inspiring environment for this to happen.

 With your support, we will be empowered to help many achieve the clarity, harmony, stability and peace they need, to build a better life for themselves and for their families. Through our 2020 Strategic Plan Tribe of Love will serve more people than ever before through experiences that will allow everyone to REMEMBER what they are here for.

Tribe Of Love Foundation


Our Mission

  A tribe who wants to live more simply, more connected to one another, more in touch with nature and more in touch with ourselves. Visiting the soul more often and remembering what we are here for.

Our mission is education. Not by teaching, but by helping to remember what you already know.

“Be your own Guru.”

Demystify the concept of yoga.

For each Yoga mat sold we will be contributing $1 dollar to the tribe of love foundation to help build our vision. 

 Our vision

A  world where everyone has access to feel part of a community (tribe) and to remember we are not alone in this and the work starts within our inner selves.

Making mindfulness & Yoga Practices easily available and accessible to every person. To share the practical tools that allows each of us to live in harmony and balance.

“This is also yoga”

Our principals 


Focus on the community (tribe) gives back.

Advocate for balance.

Promote Well-being.

Support sustainable and transformative development.

Yogatribe Organic products


An educational program to share about what we can gain through different breathing techniques, at schools, workspaces, hospital and rest homes.

Soul Kitchen: Gathering every new moon

A FREE EVENT for the community where we will gather to REMEMBER, to feed our souls and to create a space to find what we already know. We will do so with inspirational talks, breathwork, play time, art, music, yoga, surfing, connecting with nature, teachings of inner work and alternative medicines. Dance and the art of movement. Reminders to treat yourself and each other with kindness and empathy – and lastly feel the joy of servicing your community.


An educational program to encourage people to create space to dream what they think is now impossible and to remind each other that there are unlimited potential and resources. Also, create space for miracles.

The heart and soul behind YogaTribe®

Coka Klug

With a love and passion for Yoga that spans over 20 years and being a graphic designer, the practice of Yoga had me envisioning my mat as a blank canvas to look at every day of my practice for years. I always saw it as an opportunity to inspire myself & others through art. Therefore YogaTribe®️’s original designed yoga mat was born differently... instead of looking for a good design to sell and make money from it, I closed my eyes and went into a deep state of meditation, and asked myself what would add to my experience and what could I receive from this canvas if it could exist as a silent communication between us. The designs came to me within 5 minutes, it was clear and it felt right. It was the energy within the images and the peace that I could feel in my heart, the one I could visualize practicing on is the one I felt the need to share with others, to connect them to their practice too. I knew then if it makes me feel this way, there will be a Tribe out there who can resonate with a similar frequency. This is why we love to say our products have SOUL. Behind each carefully designed and selected product there is an intention that goes beyond functionality.


I am a dreamer, an artist, the architecture of my own reality... a characteristic that not always plays in our favour when doing business, but I believe in miracles and the power of our minds to create. I see no obstacles, only an invitation to play, to end up laughing to what once might have brought tears, to expand & to enjoy every moment of this gift called life. REMEMBERING where we came from and where we are going, the answer should always be LOVE. Gratitude is the gift that allows me to keep going and I believe it's the simplest and most powerful tool of happiness. I want people to remember too, that this life is a constant "invitation to participate", therefore we must take ownership of our actions and creations, it's challenging but so rewarding, all is asked from you it to SIMPLY DO YOUR BEST, the rest is giving. Come play with us, connect, and be part of our tribe.

 Love Coka


If you would like to connect or find out how you could could contribute or be a part of Tribe Of Love, we would feel honoured to hear from you