HoM is a space I have created to do what I came here to do .
Help myself and others to live in more harmony with our body, mind & spirit.
Holistically working to find union, balance & harmony within ourselves.
I have found myself navigating life in disharmony where I have being very strong on my body but weak on my mind & heart; other times very strong heart but weak body & mind; I have also experienced strong mind period where body & heart have been weak.
Today, I'm finding the joy & ease to live a life simply observing the unbalance without judging and giving myself permission to ind again & again the track that feels close to home... that inward place that is only YOURS and that needs TIME, DEVOTION & DEDICATION to keep in balance & harmony.
No one will do this work for you or me, there is no magic pill or magic programs out there that, all of the sudden, it will gift you the "ultimate freedom" we are looking for.
My promise here is not to heal you or safe you, neither to change your life.
You will.
My promise here is to share with you all the tools that I have gain through life, so YOU, can change your life. You will not longer need me or anyone in your life to remember you own your own power.
I promise to walk by your side, to share my observations, to be that fresh air that at times we all need when life is suffocating us.
I promise you will feel seen, hold, listen to and I also promise that together we will discover what hasn't allow you to grow, together we all discover all the limiting beliefs that stop us in our subconscious to create our dream life.
I promise that by the end of this time together, you will feel ALIVE, GRATEFUL to exist in your body, to have all the tools to bring awareness in every moment given; to STOP BLAMING life to what unfold in front of you and to EMBRACE the core of your ESSENCE , you heart, in a way that you will not longer be able to act & think without passing by or checking in before how it truly feels & resonate with your truth.
You will walk lighter, empower & grateful with a smile in your heart that nothing that life brings to you, from now on, will allow to erase it; because you will be able to SMILE AGAIN, always.
with Love 
Coka klug

Are you ….?

  • Struggling to find a healthy balance between career and personal life, leading to stress and burnout ?
  •  Afraid of long-term health issues due to prolonged stress and imbalance
  • Feeling overwhelmed with work responsibilities ?
  • Struggling to disconnect from work during personal time.
  • Experiencing a lack of fulfilment despite professional success ?
  • Feeling overwhelmed; Desires a sense of calm, fulfilment, and balance
  • Someone who perceives yourself as successful in career but recognizes the need for a more balanced and harmonious life ?
  • Negatively affecting mental health, straining relationships, and potentially hindering long-term career sustainability ?
  • Family, friends, and colleagues witnessing the toll of imbalance on your overall well-being ?


HoM is the space for you!

5 Biggest Mistakes when Trying to Solve our Problem: -

    1. Neglecting self-care in the pursuit of professional success. -
    2. Lack of effective time management strategies. -
    3. Ignoring the importance of setting boundaries. -
    4. Underestimating the impact of stress on overall well-being. -
    5. Not prioritizing personal development in their schedule.

If all this sound like you, please contact me today, join to HoM you will experience the Increasing awareness of the importance of work-life balance and holistic well-being. You will walk away remembering that you have the power to change all that.