HoM it is a made up word, representing the concept of HOME, as the place where we all come back to, when we remember who we are and we feel safe again.

HoM it is also representing the eternal sound of AUM (OM) which is a sacred sound, the sound of the Universe, encompassing all other sounds within.

Imagining? the entire UNIVERSE frequency within?

Powerful right? 

HoM is an offering created for you to explore the infinity of who you are.


Together we will weave and strengthen the connection between BODY, MIND& SPIRIT for a more harmonious living.

In this programme we will bring fresh oxygen to every cell of your body.

We will re establish the beauty in finding balance through holistic practices targeting self love as a new form of living and relating to others.


This is a customise unique programme tailored for you.

My name is Coka Klug, director and founder of Yogatribe® ,

HoM is my new offer to the community, for the community.

I want to be in service and share my gifts and encourage you to do the same.

As a HOLISTIC PRACTITIONER DEVOTED TO THE HEALING OF THE WORLD, I'm finding joy & ease while living life in full acceptance, observing the imperfect and the unbalanced without any judgement.

Today I give myself permission to observe and to find my path leading me back home. And I would love to help you to do the same, live in more peace & harmony within, no matter what else is happening around us.

All we need is TIME, COMMITMENT AND ABSOLUTE DEVOTION to ourselves and to the practice of embarking on this transformative journey together.


No one will do this work for you but YOU.

There is no magic pill or shortcuts that can take you faster to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

I'm here to help you and to guide you through this beautiful process of self remembrance. 

HoM is a space I have created to do what I came here to do .
Help myself and others to live in more harmony
with our body, mind & spirit.
My promise here is not to safe you, neither to change your life...
I promise to walk by your side, to share my observations, to be that fresh air that at times we all need when life is suffocating us.
I promise you will feel seen, held, listened to and I also promise that together we will discover what hasn't allowed you to grow,
together we will discover all the limiting beliefs that stop you in your subconscious to create your dream life.
  • I promise that by the end of this time together, you will feel  ALIVE, GRATEFUL to exist in your body,
  • I promise you will have the tools to bring awareness in every moment given
  • I promise you will to STOP BLAMING life to what unfold in front of you and to EMBRACE the core of your ESSENCE , you heart, in a way that you will not longer be able to act & think without passing by or checking in before how it truly feels & resonate with your truth.
  • You will walk lighter, empower & grateful with a smile in your heart that nothing that life brings to you, from now on, will allowed to erase it; because you will be able to SMILE AGAIN, always.
    with Love
    Coka Klug
    Are you ….?
    • Struggling to find a healthy balance between career and personal life, leading to stress and burnout or just simply feeling unease, feeling fearful ?
    • Afraid of long-term health issues due to prolonged stress and imbalance or simply lack of mobility and sedentary life?
    • Feeling overwhelmed with work responsibilities or family matters, feeling like you are betraying your true self in order to survive or please others?
    • Struggling to disconnect from work during personal time, struggling to give yourself permission to simply do what you love ?
    • Experiencing a lack of fulfilment even tho everything around you it's ok ?
    • Feeling overwhelmed; Desires a sense of calm, fulfilment and balance ?
    • Someone who perceives yourself as successful in career but recognises the need for a more balanced and harmonious life ?
    • Family, friends, and colleagues witnessing the toll of imbalance on your overall well-being ?
    • Making all decision from a place of FEAR & LACK ?
    • Feeling like life is too much for you right now and you don't have the capacity to navigate it with easy and harmony?
    • Finding hard to trust ?
    • You need more easy in your body, mind & spirit ?
    • You think you are to old or inflexible for yoga? ( well I tell you that saying this will be like saying you are to DIRTY for a BATH :))


    HoM is the space for you, because is IN YOU ...

    I'm only holding your hand to make the journey back HoM nicer, lighter, happier, and easier!

    If all this sound like you, please contact me today, BOOK A ONE ON ONE FREE "DISCOVERY CALL" TO SEE IF IT FEELS NICE TO WORK TOGETHER.

    By joining HoM you will experience the Increasing awareness of the importance of work-life balance and holistic well-being.

    You will walk away remembering that you have the power to change all that.