Organic Crystal Mat Cleaning Spray


Spray & Pray...

Organic & wild-crafted Essential Oil Crystal Spray is a balanced blend of the highest quality organic oils formulated to be divinely therapeutic and support wellness. Soaked in full moon crystallised ionised water.

It is so pure you can use in your face or otherwise you can clean any surface including your Yogatribe mat of course. Just simply spray and enjoy the benefits of the aromatherapy in your practice.


Organic essential oils 

Lavender *(Calming, Nervous System Stimulation, Relaxation) 

Tea Tree *(Antibacterial, Cleansing, Fungal Infections, Stimulates Immune System, Inflammation) 

Witch Hazel* (This plant extract was widely used for medicinal 

purposes by Native Americans. strong anti-oxidant and astringent) 

Moonlight Crystal

Ionise Water * (contains active hydrogen, potent antioxidants) 


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