Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers in 2021

Is love the foundation of your relationship with a yogia Express your deepest appreciation with a gift that supports and embraces your loved ones. Eco-friendly yoga mats are a thoughtful and inspiring gift that reaches the heart of yoga lovers. Spoil them with a gift that’s made with love, crafted with care and that creates positive change in the world.

Become part of a global community when you buy a yoga mat from YogaTribe. Your gift allows you and your loved one the privilege to join with yogis who are on a path to deepen their practice and connect more consciously with nature. Our premium yoga mat, crafted from organic jute fibers, presents you with a naturally beautiful gift that’s free from toxins and does no harm to the environment. At YogaTribe, we are proud to prioritise offering a supportive and luxurious thickness to all of our organic jute mats, providing you the ultimate comfort and relaxation all throughout your practice. Get a grip on what makes ours the best yoga mat:

  • Non-slip
  • Toxin-free
  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural and organic.

Spread well wishes with your gift-giving and show your love to them in a way that truly counts. With your choice of our unique mat designs – Metatron or Flower of Life – you can gather together a gift that fully captures the essence of your love.

While we are pleased to offer Special Edition Gift Cards for when you just can’t decide, let’s talk about how accessories are another great, budget-friendly surprise that’s fit for any occasion. If your yoga lover is well-attached to their mat, how can you otherwise support their practice? Encourage them to extend their practice by gifting YogaTribe accessories. Our range of accessories are equally as eco-friendly and sustaining as our organic mats, combining the same premium approach and environmental awareness:

  • Yoga Blocks: Elevate their practice with supportive yoga blocks, crafted from 100% Cork. Sustainable and strengthening, choose a yoga block from our beautiful SWAMI Step collection, embossed with the word that best support you, resonates with you and expresses you in your practice.
  • YogaTribe Daily Rituals: From Ayurevedic copper drink bottles to essential oils and mat cleaning spray, it’s the little things that really matter. Enrich your yoga lover’s practice by offering a thoughtful gift to enhance their daily ritual.

About YogaTribe

YogaTribe proudly produces the best eco yoga mats in NZ that are gifted all over the world, we are always welcoming new members to our tribe. Our global community of yoga lovers are part of a movement to save the environment while deepening their yoga practice. Every purchase of a YogaTribe product positively contributes towards a more eco-friendly future for our planet.


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