Maintain a Regular Yoga Practice in Winter to Keep You Warm!

Warm up your winter with a regular yoga practice to keep your body moving. As the earth around us freezes up, so too do our muscles in the absence of a regular practice. That’s why it’s important to keep up a healthy relationship with your YogaTribe eco friendly yoga mat so you can stay connected to your practice all year round.

Benefits of a Winter Yoga Practice

As regular yoga practitioners here at YogaTribe®, we all know the mental health benefits that yoga can bring. Maintaining your yoga practice throughout the darkness of winter helps battle the blues and keeps you fighting fit. Combat stress and anxiety, wintertime can find many of us feeling more than a little down. Even without much sunlight, we can still find a place in our heart to keep us warm. Renew your warmth and spread your light from the inside out, reach for your sustainable yoga mat to achieve peace and harmony within your mind and body.

Obviously, there are also many physical benefits to keeping up a regular yoga practice in winter. Boost your immunity with regular exercise, sweating helps you to fight off disease and ward off any nasty colds. Warming up your muscles correctly prevents injury and strain. Frozen muscles are real! Our bodies are miraculous for their strength, they do not need to hibernate away from the cold. Face the winter with pride and bravery, feel the cold instead and keep warm on the inside. 

Yoga Mats for Winter

The best eco yoga mats for winter are designed with a strong connection to the environment that adapts to its changing conditions. We are not always practicing in a perfectly heated room, for instance! We choose natural, eco friendly materials for our yoga mats here at YogaTribe. Your organic yoga mat is thick enough to keep your body elevated and comfortable from the cold ground, made with natural materials that absorb the environment’s conditions. We think it makes sense to build yoga mats for sale in NZ that reflect our unique environment. Cool and wet or hot and humid in the North, crisp and icy or dry and blazing in the South. YogaTribe yoga mats are well-suited to Aotearoa’s weather conditions that are also reflected all throughout the world. Join our community of yogis to warm up your winter and stay connected to your practice, no matter where you are.


Cleaning Yoga Mats

Our yoga mat cleaner is the perfect option for keeping your eco friendly yoga mat in pristine condition. Don’t let dust and sweat mingle on your mat, maintain a clean and bacteria-free environment for your health and safety. Let nothing stand in the way of you and your natural yoga mat maintaining good health.


Winter Yoga Accessories

Winter yoga accessories can be used to diversify your practice and adapt your yoga to the weather conditions. Consider our cork eco yoga blocks for example, elevate your hands off the mat to place another layer between you and the cold ground. Our handmade, adjustable leather strap can also help you to safely stretch and warm up those stubborn, frozen muscles.

Whatever you choose, make conscious decisions that encourage you to continue to deepen and grow your yoga practice all winter long. YogaTribe® eco friendly yoga mats and yoga accessories are here to encourage and support yogis across the world, all year round.


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