The Best Yoga Mats for Men in 2021

Are you keen to do more workouts at home this year? A proper mens exercise mat is a crucial piece of equipment for your home gym. Yoga mats help you establish a dedicated workout space, protect your skin from carpet burn, and keep your joints safe from impact on a hard surface. If you’re looking for a mens exercise mat that features high quality cushioning and natural materials, YogaTribe yoga mats may be exactly what you need.

 Yoga Mat for Men

The best yoga mat for men offers you the dual versatility for use in workouts and if you want to enjoy yoga asanas. Slip-resistant and hardy enough to tackle muscle strengthening, balance and stretching exercises, your mens gym mat should be durable and hard-wearing. Equally, for use as a yoga mat, you’ll be looking for a mens exercise mat that’s as comfy to lie down on as it is to stand on barefoot. Natural materials provide you with the best option, naturally comforting for the body and your skin whilst also soaking up the sweat. Exercise your body and your mind with our eco yoga mats in NZ.

Jute Yoga Mats for Men 

What are the benefits of a jute yoga mat? Besides being a natural vegetable fibre, jute is great for retaining moisture. Sweat up a storm on your jute yoga mat, it’s equipped to handle a tough workout. Natural organic materials are also free from toxins and harmful plastics; jute avoids skin irritation and has no rubbery smell, unlike most yoga mats. Regarded for their strength and durability, we favour jute yoga mats for their long-lasting, reliable appeal.

Metatron Yoga Mats for Men

As far as which design you choose, we’re sure that a YogaTribe natural yoga mat has something to offer you. It’s important to note that we’ve created our exercise mats to be unisex, they’re 10cm longer than conventional yoga mats and are available in an array of colours. The Metatron yoga mat features a smart, geometric design with angles to help you focus on and use as markers during your workout. The meaning of Metatron is about overcoming difficulties with power and strength to achieve our goal.

Yoga Mat for Men

Flower of Life Yoga Mats for Men 

Step into alignment with our flower of life yoga mats for men. Reminding you that all is connected, our eco yoga mats encourage you to balance your workout with exertion and rest. Take some time to stretch or sit down and meditate at the end of your exercise to catch your breath and restore your body. Your mens exercise mat deserves more than just a daily thrashing, as does your body. By slowing down, The Flower of Life design shows us the huge growth we experience in our lives, all by beginning from the same seed. It’s important to remind ourselves of all the progress we’ve already achieved. Let your mens gym mat support you through your hectic workout and your restful yoga stretching.

The best yoga mat in NZ offers more support and increased durability than a regular exercise mat for men. With extra length and natural strength, our eco yoga mats are perfectly designed to withstand your workout. Check out our range at YogaTribe for the best yoga mat for men.

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