What to look for when choosing Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

Metatron Yoga Mats

Join together in your yoga practice with all that is within the universe and within yourself. YogaTribe Metatron Yoga Mats express the perfect balance that exists between the masculine and feminine held within us, and reflected outwardly into everything in the world surrounding us. Experience a sense of being at one with the universe as you enter your yoga practice upon YogaTribe natural jute yoga mats. We can’t wait for you to experience the divine energy of our organic jute mat, there’s so much left for you to discover.

The Best Yoga Mat

Available in several different colours to enhance your practice, choose the Metatron jute yoga mat in a shade that best resonates with you. We’ve gathered together a variety of colours for our jute yoga mat to best fit your aura and your lifestyle. Rich red wine, calming pistachio, classic black, or vibrant aqua, cherished coral or mystical purple all offer a different vibe to perfectly complement your premium yoga mat.

Don’t forget to accessorize, YogaTribe stocks all that you need to find peace, strength and wisdom within your practice.


Organic Jute Mat

Our organic jute mat is crafted from entirely natural materials that are non-harmful to you nor the environment. Premium jute and polymer environmental resin (PER) combine together to produce the ultimate jute yoga mat by YogaTribe. Step ever closer to nature within your yoga practice by practicing upon YogaTribe Metatron Yoga Mats. Extra-thickness and finely-crafted materials makes our jute yoga mat the ultimate comfort for your practice. Mellow out in bliss with our eco jute yoga mat, it’s non-toxic and silicone free, that’s better for you and for the environment.

Sustainable Yoga Products - The only Trace we leave is love

Choose YogaTribe to support you on your yoga journey and choose sustainable products to leave no trace of plastic on yourself or our world. Our premium, eco-friendly, organic yoga equipment supplies you with all that you need to sustain and deepen your practice. We have carefully made a conscious effort to ensure that all of our products serve a purpose to both yogis and the environment. Go further with YogaTribe by your side, we are proud to be leaders in providing sustainable and ethical yoga gear just for you.

The Only Trace We Leave is Love...

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