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AYURVEDIC 100% Copper Tongue Cleaner - Yoga Tribe NZ

letters from the soul



We are the leading supplier of sustainable and ethical yoga & wellbeing products and services.

YogaTribe®  delivers yoga and wellness practice in a truly sustainable way, offering workshops & yoga practice in addition to sustainable yoga products.

A world where everyone has access to feel part of a community (tribe) to remembering we are not alone on this and the works starts inside each of us.

To bring mindfulness & Yoga Practices close to every person and share the practical tools that allows us to live in more harmony and balance.



We are dedicated to wellness, physical, emotional and environmental alignment, YogaTribe® will leave a better place in the world through the positive impact on the lives of those it touches and returning to the communities it relies on. The only trace it will leave is LOVE.

We will demystify the concept of yoga.

A Tribe who wants to live more simply, more connected to one another, more in touch with nature, more in touch with ourselves. Visiting the soul more often and remember why we came here for.

Our mission is education not by teaching but by helping to remember what you already know.

“Be your own Guru.”




Focus on community (tribe) give back.

Advocate for balance.

Promote Well-being.

Support sustainable and transformative development.

We believe that we are more than a provider of products and services. We are a Love Tribe collaborating to expand the principles that unite us.

Autheticity, Uniqueness, Compassion, understanding, empathy and love will always be the values ​​with which we surround ourselves.

Organic Jute Yoga Mats

Made from natural jute fibre, YogaTribe® eco yoga mats are non-toxic and non-harmful to the environment. Our mats are currently available in two unique designs; Flower of Life and Metatron. Both are ancient designs steeped in sacred geometry to invite the notion of being at one with the universe, we are all connected in life from beginning to end. Welcome harmony into your home by combining the beautiful luxury of our eco friendly yoga mat with our cork yoga blocks and adjustable leather strap. Accessorise your practice for the full experience, rest assured that our full yoga equipment collection is ecofriendly and sustainable. We want what is best for you and for our environment so that you can practice in harmony and step closer to inner peace within your practice.

Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Range

The best organic yoga mat must be eco friendly and sustainable. YogaTribe® takes pride in our eco yoga mats made from natural organic jute fibres and polymer environmental resin (PER). Jute is a natural vegetable fibre that is more sustainable and rapidly renewable than cotton. PER and jute combined together makes for an eco yoga mat in NZ that is constructed from natural and synthetic materials designed to biodegrade in a landfill over time. Not yet widely used, PER is an eco friendly alternative to harmful PVC that is widely used in yoga mats. Free from toxins and harm to the environment, YogaTribe PER jute yoga mats are the leading sustainable choice for eco yoga mats in NZ. Choose to support local business this year, YogaTribe ships from NZ so that you can reduce carbon emissions associated with shipping and feel good about your yoga practice.