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YogaTribe® Premium  NATURAL TREE RUBBER & Jute fibre  Mats, are made of natural organic jute fibres and renewable tree rubber. Thats all the ingredients, purest mat available.

Which ensures our yoga mat is a non-toxic, non-phlegmatic, latex-free and silicone-free product.

Our Mats are 100% naturally biodegradable and contribute to a circular economy. Reward the planet and yourself with YogaTribe®. 


  • Size: 183cm long x 61cm wide 
  • Length: 10 cm longer than the average yoga mat
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg

NOTE: we must confirm that we have accepted the rubber mats with a certain standard of natural marks and small holes that comes when we are working with organic products, just like the organic fruit, the range of imperfection is higher than an average mat and we like that as is part of what we are offering in this range, 100% natural.

You might find slight imperfection in the rubber that doesnt impact in any way or form the performance of the product. Enjoy your organic choice :) 


We call it Y.E.S. as we want to invite you to say YES! to the most sustainable mat there is.

YES stand for Yogatribe Eco Studio, our new project. 

The idea is that by saying yes you become part of this likeminded community who deeply care.

Welcome to the Tribe

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