What makes the best yoga mat?

What makes the best yoga mat to assist your practice:


  1. Eco -friendly.
  • We only have one planet, let’s keep that pollution to a minimal. Use recycled material that is toxic, latex and silicone-free.
  1. Thickness
  • You want your yoga mat to be thick enough so that when you practice, you can feel supported when you place your weight, hands, and knees on it. This is so your bones or the natural weight of your body has certain comfort while lying on the floor. 4mm to 6mm will most likely be enough.
  1. Grip
  • This is a must! You want to be able to do a downward-facing dog and for your hands to stay in the same place while you are doing it. The best way to test a mat is to do a down dog or warrior two on the mat you are about to purchase.
  1. Light to carry.
  • If you are a yogi, you most probably are a free spirit as well. So make sure your yoga mat is very light to travel with. You don’t want to carry more than 2 kilos around every time you decide to practice yoga. If you are a home practitioner then you can skip this point and go ahead and buy a larger mat like our peaceful warrior maxi mat!! The best platform to practice on at home or anywhere that is a big space.
  1. Design
  • When you choose the design and color of your yoga mat, think about the fact that you will be looking at it for at least 5 years if it’s not 10, so make sure you look down at something that supports your practice. Maybe something that offers you a calm and relaxing sense or which uplifts you and gives you energy. One that inspires you and helps you connect with your inner self. My personal advice is to think ahead and be mindful, as fancy loud prints can become overwhelming after a few months... choose something timeless and that will continue to inspire you.

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