A letter for my daughter

My dear one… the time arrives where we are about to say goodbye to childhood , goodbye to the chubby little rounded hand and cheeks , goodbye to the times of simply not knowing what’s going on most of the time, the magic time of wandering around not having mayor responsibilities rather than knowing who is your mum and dad and maybe where you live.

And we welcome today with an open heart to adolescent, a new beginning into this more adventurous journey, where we are more aware not only of ourselves but of others and how we choose to show up for the world. The times where the seed of your essences starts to branch out of the core and expand to the world that gets to experience your beautiful self.

I’m so proud of who you have become in this world so far and I’m looking forward to witnessing your blossoming with each new day…

Today that we celebrate your birthday I would love to remind you a few things about life, my love...


  2. Keep your essence, feed your spirit darling. Keep the warm fire in your soul always burning … and don’t let anyone turn it off.
  3.  Know your worth.
  4. Protect your energy, in life all, comes down to the amount of energy that situations, places, people or things give you or take from you. Be aware of your surrounds.
  5. Tell and share your story….you will never know how many lives you have touched by simply doing this.
  6. Your future does not lay in front of you, it lies deep INSIDE of you. You truly know everything in life, you only need to take the time to tap in into the spaces within you that KNOW and simply remember.
  7. Life is not about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself and become more You.
  8. When life becomes a rollercoaster, climb into the front seat with your biggest smile and a heart full of faith, throw your arms in the air and enjoy the ride.
  9. Rise by lifting others.
  10. Life is all about how you handle PLAN B, as it will surprise you again and again so simply know that everything will be ok at the end and if it's not ok is because it is not the end yet.
  11. Take TIME, as is the most valuable asset you can ever have.
  12. Don’t waste that TIME, while you have it, use it for things that nurture your soul and spirit, in the end, it’s all will remain.
  13. Practice the Art of Listening... as listening is loving.
  14. Play, dance, and sign. Every day make sure you thank your body to be the vessel of your soul and move to let the energy flow freely and interrupted within it. BREATH deeply , consciously and gratefully at least once a day.
  15. Honor your choices and enjoy the decision, truly you are never going to lose, you might take a longer path but there is only one destination you can arrive sooner or later and that is only LOVE. SO you always Win my love, always!
  16. There is always room for improvement. Choose to be the best version of yourself and love the low version of yourself as your best friend. Self-compassion & self love always.
  17. Be impeccable with your words, don't entertain yourself talking about others, instead surround yourself with those who talk about vision and ideas, be inspired by those ones that surround you.
  18. Don’t be scared of letting go and surrender… when you fill you cant anymore…give it to God, the greater spirit, the highest consciousness is always within any situation given, TRUST.
  19. Nothing is forever, fall in love with the idea…nothing my love, not even the life itself as we understand it right now. Not even myself by your side.
  20. So make the most of it with each day and with everyone you cross your way with. Simply try your best.

         Shine your light, BE LIGHT

         BE LOVE






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Wise words to your beautiful daughter muma bear xx Thavk you for inspiring me to do the same xx

Toni December 05, 2019

So beautifully said and valuable to share!!

Tamara December 03, 2019

Such beautiful words, Coka. You are one amazing mama raising an equally amazing daughter. xx

Kelly December 03, 2019

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