Calming Moments in a busy world

Why we use yoga to take time out.

My boyfriend and I live in a different city, we struggle at times to find time only for ourselves…but this long weekend was the time!

Time for us!

To re-connect, to be in the presence of one another.

We decided to fly to Great Barrier Island... one of the most magical, relaxing, restorative and off the grid spots in New Zealand.

Our favorite place at the moment.

To do so, we decided to meet at Auckland airport car park to park each of our cars there before we left.

I had to drive 3hours to get there, he was 40 min away ... so he arrived 15min before me...


Our adventure was about to start… I was excited about it all!


One of the biggest challenges in our relationship is when my boyfriend struggles to drop into his real self after spending a few days in the big city, in his corporate life and a busy stressful job...he tends to forget who he truly is. And for me, this is quite hard to witness.

 Me, on the other hand, …just a beach girl, entrepreneur ... taking and creating my own time as I go... often challenging…often inefficient…so far from perfect but the point is

 We quite often crash here!... And then use this opportunity to grow.


This was the case when he called me from the car park next to the airport when he arrived there and

said to me:

 “where are you, babe?”  I was still 15 min away (after 3 hours driving this literally feels around the corner)

“ah ok, I’ll just get the first bus to the airport in case something goes wrong ... I really don’t want to miss the plane”


Me: “ wow babe! Truly?!”

“We have an hour and a half for a national flight... there is no need to be so rushed, plus why even think that something could go wrong? Why you even put that in your field?”


He; “ ah! I thought it was a super clever idea!!! It’s a great plan!!! No negative at all just practical”


Me: “ why even bring that thought into your mind and entertain it there? Isn’t it negative and pessimist to think we will miss the plane? When objectively we have no chance…so truly putting the idea into the Universe? Plus it’s the beginning of our adventure together and it started like that ..I don’t think it is the best vibe!”


He: “ok I’ll wait for you”  not truly convinced


Big breath in... even longer breathe out... the 15min feels for me more like 5min. In a matter of a second I was there already, we jumped together on the bus and we still had time to eat something at the airport after check-in...


…This little story makes me think?


What is within us that makes us move so far away into the future and quite often fill our minds with potential ideas that are not constructive at all in any way or form?


My answer to that…


I think we need to take more time to PAUSE, to go inward to get familiar with our true self, what is ok and not ok... To feel and recognize the ripple effects that the thought we just decided to think is creating and where is going if we continue feeding into the same thoughts.

Yoga practice is that for me, that place where to STOP and feel, more than a workout, it is for me a total WORK IN, a possibility to reconnect, an innercise.

“But I’m not flexible”, someone will say…and I’ll say “ you never too dirty to have a bath”… We practice yoga to aim for flexibility, but not only to be able to reach our toes and backbend easily…also and mainly we practice yoga to be able to stretch our mind to places we have never been before, where you feel complete harmony and balance. To be able to get to places in your heart where you feel peace, safe, present, grateful, ALIVE. I believe this is why people feel almost levitated and so good after finishing a good yoga class…TIME for ourselves is always the most precious gift, time to remember what we often forget. How to live our life, double-check what we are creating as a reality and truly value what we have. When you recognize your body as a vessel of your soul, you truly have a good reason to be grateful every day.

Yoga is UNION, the harmony that occurs when we dedicate time to listen to our body, feel and let the thoughts that fill our reality pass through, becoming a simple spectator, an observer of our reality without the need of attending to them with urgency or with the certainty that if we don’t like them, we have the choice to change it and experience something differently.

To live a more sustainable life, a simple life, full of gratitude is what my boyfriend and I have in common, we love nature, organic food, meditation, music & art.

We have discovered though that in order to create more harmony in our relationship we need to find a place in between where we can nourish our dreams and be the witness of GROWTH from our experience

To have yoga as a daily practice in our lives allow us to create this space within ourselves to become more PRESENT, HONEST & REAL

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