Lockdown or Retreat? what would you choose?

Become the protagonist of your story...

Let me tell you a story, my story, and how I choose to write my story while I show you how you can also write yours.

First of all, we need to understand we are not a victim of our circumstances, we are simply the choices that we make consciously or unconsciously. (OUR FREE WILL)

Please remember this as you continue to read.

At this special time, we have all been "invited" or "forced legally" to be HOME in what we call “Lockdown"; it is a time in history... and in few years, we will look back and say...

"Do you remember that time when we locked down for over a month?"

How was that experience?

"It was crazy"

"It was beautiful"

"It was intense"

"It was terrible"

"I almost died"

"It was the best", etc...

Now, if we already know that "Nothing is forever" and that this will also pass.

My question is: 

How do you write your part of this story?

I can share with you how I do it.

Become the protagonist.


Let's ask ourselves:

How are you choosing to show up at this time?

How are you using this time gifted FOR you?

Are you able to see this time as something happening FOR you, instead of TO you?

Let's start at home and what it means to be ok within these "limitations".

For this, we truly need to agree on what is HOME and define it very clearly. HOME is our habitat.

If we understand our entire existence, like the interaction of our BODY, MIND & SPIRIT ( YOGA ) in this 3D reality, our home is the vessel that hosts our souls and allows it to perform in this dimension.

We will then agree that our first HOME is our BODY, not necessarily the house we choose to live in.

Have you heard of that popular saying:

"Home is where your heart is"

Now I ask you...

Where are you?

Where is your heart right now?

Tune in...

Close your eyes for a second and answer that question.

Have you been able to recognize the perfect circumstances and the perfect "constellation" of people that surround you right now and understand that each of them, including kids and pets, are playing a role in your movie right now? Whatever they are playing back at you is most probably EXACTLY what you need to work on?

Remember, what we resist,


What are you resisting and why?

Are you trying to change, manipulate, control the reality you live in? Are you surrendering to the magic that there is within any given situation?

You are the author of your story.

What and how is the movie you are CHOOSING to participate in.

Did you choose the title, or did you fall into a terror movie that you have no idea how to get out of?

Well, I have good news! you can TODAY, choose a consciously different stance.

We just need some time to simply be conscious first.

My invitation today is to set up your mind in DRONE MODE, a place where we can Switch OFF and ON as we please giving ourselves the practical tools to take stock of whatever situation we see ourselves in.

Also having enough perspective to SEE the big picture. From that place, we can become the directors of our own reality.

How we do this?

First, we need to create space.

Stopping & breathing is normally a good place to start.

Switch to "Aerial View" and navigate the scenarios and circumstances, you are a free bird observing the situation. Removing all emotions and fears that drag you into the protagonist role of a movie you believe you didn't choose and mostly you don't deserve. (RESISTANCE)

Stay there, "flying above".

Notice that you notice, and wonder who is the one who notices?

Who am I that noticed this?

What it means to live spiritually is not participate in the struggles. It means that the events that happen at the moment belong to the moment. They don't' belong to you.

Don't make it yours, they have nothing to do with YOU.

We MUST stop defining ourselves in relationship to them, and just let them come and go.

Don't allow events to leave an impression inside of you.

Just notice truly what is happening.

An event in the universe didn't match your model and is causing a disturbance inside of you. If you can simply notice this, you will notice that it is actually breaking your model.

You are on a planet spinning around the middle of absolutely nowhere. You came here to visit for a handful of years and then you are going to leave.

How can we live all stressed out over everything?

Don't do it.

If anything can cause disturbance inside of you, it means it hits your model. The idea of how it should be for you. It means it hit the false part of you that you built in order to control your own definition of safe reality and then, and only then, you can be happy, in peace or harmony.

Your way out is simpler than you think,

Simply noticing what part of you is getting disturbance... DRONE MODE.

The way out is through AWARENESS.

Awareness transcends what it is aware of. It is as separate as LIGHT is from what it SHINES UPON.

You are conscious, and you can free yourself from all this by relaxing.

If you want permanent peace, joy, happiness, we have to get through this process, the inner turmoil, the tsunami of emotions.

It is the nature of our being.

We must learn to go to the other side of the psyche, the DRONE MODE SWITCH ON.

We do this by letting go of the tendency to cling and want to carry on living our life as we don’t have the capacity to SWITCH ON to a different MODE. We do and it is as simple as switching your phone into "PLANE MODE", practice to switch yourself and your existence into DRONE MODE.

We do this by letting go of the tendency to cling. By not using our mind to build false dependability.

We must decide once and for all, to take the journey by constantly LETTING GO.

Just keep letting go by being aware that you are aware.

Become the author of your story...

Now tell me, if you could choose... Lockdown or Retreat?

What would you choose?

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