The day I die I would like to be sent free with smiles and tears of happiness, knowing that there is only a “see you at the other side “ not even having the need of knowing how  “that other side” looks like but with no attachments to the human shape or form. And from that place, from the WHOLE, bring the light and peace for those ones who feel the darkness by me leaving.

 There is always someone who can’t quite understand that is not a life-ending is just a new star that becomes brighter in the sky …

I would like my goodbye to being the transition for those ones who stay a little longer to understand that death is a gentle way of been reminded that we only changing shape but we still remind in the same ocean of PURE LOVE.

The unity reminds the same… the separation is only with the human body, but as the ocean changes shape and waves raise up and down, swell comes in and out, with wild movements and calms ocean…the water is always the same…one big ocean, ONE BIG LOVE

I would like to keep shinning in people’s heart in a way that there is no pain from me leaving because I made sure that I stay strong in the center … I want to be reminded as someone who tries her life to stay in the center of the fire… in the center of their hearts.

I would like to be remembered like a hot chai latte in a cold winter morning, or like a big long squeeze hug, I would like to be remembered with the smell of fresh wet dirt, the sunshine after a heavy rain, a new book or that awesome feeling of singing very loud your favorite song while you are driving…

I would like a celebration with smiles, hugs, music, dance, and kisses one another…

I would like to be remembered because I could SEE you and who you truly are, without human connotations and by SEEING YOU that way I would like to think that I have created the space where your soul could always feel safe and calm.

I would like to be remembered as an example of living a life in transparency where your eyes are simple the window of your SOUL and your voice the symphony of your silence and that by crossing our paths in this life; the magic was naturally released between us...

I have asked my 8 years old little wise princess Mila, how she would like to be remembered when she died… her answer was:

“I don’t really mind mum what people think or feel about me after I died, I’ll be dead anyway so why would I bother really?”

WOW! What an answer! What a revelation just right there in front of me!

After writing all this and truly wanted to find all the reasons how I wanted to be remembered I got sent this magic pure message from this little angel and her simplicity to be reminded one more time that I have NO NEED once so ever to be reminded in certain way or form. That I’m only finding my peace and therefor everyone else peace, when I know I have only given the best of myself each day and with each opportunity try to reach my highest self while I’m alive…from that place… things unfold naturally… and life carries on with or without me because at the end…we are just ONE BIG LOVE.



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