Sustainable Gifting Guide for Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year that we either like or not, it moves a collective amount of energy that we get affected by, even if we are trying really hard to live in a more sustainable conscious way... we still find ourself wrapping gifts or buying in a rush to give something to someone.
Here at Yogatribe we trying to find a way to support you through this period and inspire you to reduce waste and support local to experience a more sustainable Christmas.

Wrapping Gifts!
    • First, get rid of foil or plastic coated wrapping paper, just simply recycle magazines or news paper or use craft paper that you can decorate with dry flowers, dried orange slices, star anise, cinnamon sticks or rosemary branches. Enjoy the process... just make sure it is 100% paper based .
      • Fabric is also a great alternative when wrapping presents, you can even use an old t-shirt, scarfs , tea towels, etc you not longer use. 
      • Search "Furoshiki", the Japanese art of fabric wrapping.
      • Rather than buying gift tags, make your own cards or write directly onto the papers.
      • Don't use plastic tape, instead you can use jute string or ribbon to secure your parcels,  this also allow us to reuse the paper or fabric the paper easily.
      Mindful Gifting
      We are strong believers that the most precious gift we can give to someone is TIME, so why not either gift an experience; time together, or gift the time to search for New Zealand local brands to gift something unique, with character and full of meaning . Something that can change not only the life/experience of the person who is receiving it but also the entire community.
        • Support Kiwi businesses, remembering "as they grow, we grow." Shop local, and  try to choose the option " NZ made", we will be saving  in shipping and the pollution that this involved.
        • If you can choose, why not choose products made of recycled or natural fibres? so we stop putting more rubbish in our planet?
        • We love packaging  but what do we do with it afterward? Maybe choose to  buy goods with minimal packaging, or mention to the seller that excessive packaging isn’t necessary for your purchase.
      Do you need more inspiration? Have a look of our local gift guide:  
          • The Oil Project. if you want to nurture or support someone in their health journey, this guys are working really hard to make this products fantastic! Hemp seed oil, Hemp super seeds, Hemp protein & unique Hemp hair/skin products.
            Hemp products
              • Be Humble Organic Skin Care. they are passionate about making beautiful, affordable, organic goodness.
                'Be humble' hand make all their organic products and they are safe for the whole family to use.
                organic Body butter
              • Misty Day Potions.  If you really want to gift something new and beneficial for every member of your family Look at this...ADAPTOGEN, MUSHROOM & TONIC HERBAL BEVERAGE BLENDS & POWDERS TO BETTER YOUR MIND, BODY & SOUL
              • Reusable Razor  And finally our favourite unique Christmas present .This is our new product and we are so proud of it! A beautiful non-disposable ( reusable) razor that is not only amazing looking but it left your legs smooth like no other! Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation ... so you are not only saving your skin... you are contributing to saving our oceans! It is UNISEX if your man want to come back to the old fashion ways.
              • New Zealand tourism, as we know has been hit hard by the events of 2020, give the gift of A New Zealand Experience!  Gifting a Kiwi experience is the perfect way to support our local businesses and beautiful memories can be created for the receiver and the one gifting. 
            • Our invitation here at YogaTribe is to give the present of presence and wellbeing for all. wishing you all the most joyous and balanced Christmas time

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