How to Use Yoga Blocks - Top 5 Reasons 2021 to Use Blocks in Your Practice

As yogis you might know already that we love living life as a constant exploration of the self. Mind, Body & Spirit is our playground to discover the depths of what has been giving to us as humans to experience this life as we know it.

That´s why we are devoted to our yoga practice, either through meditation, mantras, breathing techniques, service to others or asanas/postures. Today we want to deep dive into how important it is to use Yoga Blocks in your practice and why?

Before breaking down our 5 reason WHY? we want to remind you that we don´t come to our Eco Yoga Mat to ACOMPLISH something; a certain posture, or looking a certain way to others, we come to our Eco Yoga Mat to FEEL, to reconnect with our body. We come to honour our breath in and out every second that is given to us and that allows us to keep experiencing this life journey.

There is something special when you take the time to be grateful for the little things and that is why we love Yoga Blocks as they allow us a very humbling experience while moving into different asanas.

The invitation to FEEL and LISTEN to your BODY, is a magical encounter, a time to go inward. Even though modern day Yoga is recognised as another exercise option in many Gyms or Yoga Studios, we believe Yoga is an Innercise, a time to met with your e-motions, with your body and what it needs, a way to free the energy blockages and allow free flow, therefore easy movement and flexibility but not only in your muscles, also in your heart and mind.

TOP 5 Reasons to Use Yoga Blocks...

1. SUPPORT & SAFETY the first reason why you want to use a Yoga Block in your practice of yoga is because it gives you extra support. There are many times we are exploring a new posture but we don´t feel safe, as we don´t yet know the capacity of our physical body, our range or flexibility or the strength of those specific muscles that are required for the posture. Here you place your SWAMI Step, which is YogaTribe's® 100% Cork Eco Yoga Block.

2. LENGHT & HEIGHT. The beauty of practicing with Yoga Blocks is that they allow you to reach places you naturally couldn´t in safe way. If you are bending forward for example but your hand can´t reach the floor, that is where you place your block in the highest length to give you security and support in that distance between your hands and the floor. You place your hands on the block and now you can focus in your breathing and feel the energy flow as we oxygenating your back fascia with that great stretch.

There are 3 lengths and heights within each one block so you can adapt the block as you become more flexible. It´s a great feeling!!

3. HUMBLE SPIRIT. The real yogi knows to respect their body without hurting it or taking it to places that it is not ready to go yet. There is a lot of practicing to be humble while using your yoga block and accepting where your body is at or its' limitations. Accept this and offer support in return, through your Yoga Block.

4. EMPOWERMENT. Once you start your new relationship with your yoga blocks, you will recognise that there is something within you that came from this humbling spirit. EMPOWERMENT is the same as the feeling when you are running a marathon and a stranger at the side of the road passes you water. You splash it on your face, drink a sip and enjoy the support and empowerment and would have otherwise suffered without.

Your Yoga Blocks come with the promise to feel you are doing a great job.  You are receiving support as you continue with your practice, knowing that everything can be better if you open yourself to allowing help to be there for you.

When you use a block, you will see the gentle shifts within your body and as you move from one height/length to another it will feel like falling in love with your body again, you will not be able to avoid feeling the biggest gratitude for the opening that you have achieved.

 5. INSPIRATION / MANTRA, this last point is only our special gift to you from YogaTribe®. We designed our 100% Cork Eco Yoga Blocks not only to support, empower and give you high and length in your practice, they will bring inspiration and that wonderfully little extra and unexpected joy...

LOVE, BREATHE, TRUST and LET GO are the 4 words of our choice that we have lovingly channeled into our own special Cork Yoga Blocks. We call them SWAMI Steps. SWAMI means Master - become your own master. And we remind you that every journey begins with one single step.

Love; what you do and why you do it.

Breathe;  as we often forget to bring awareness to our breathing, especially if we are struggling in a pose..deep breathing is the key to freedom in any asana.

Trust; if there is no trust, there is no relationship. Fall in love and create a  new fresh relationship with your body each day.

Let Go; is often when we find ourselves trying to take the body to places it is not yet ready to go. Let go of the need to control where you are within the body. Soften and listen to what the body has to tell you... only then will you fall in love with each other again.

Only love, only love.


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