Reset Your Mind and Body With Yin Yoga Poses

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced meditative exercise focused on your joints, tissues, ligaments, and bones. You are given time to go deeper into your mind and sense physical movements. The longer you hold your poses, the more you are stretching and lengthening connective tissues and releasing energy to pass through pathways in your body.

Holding a good, long duration of poses may enhance stillness, which helps you go inwards. Yin Yoga connects to your thoughts, physical sensations, and breathing.

Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga provides people with great benefits that help them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Tissue Strengthening

When your bones are underused, your connective tissues tend to lose their elasticity and become stiff or painful. With yin yoga, you can make your tissues stronger by slowly stretching and posing longer. 

Circulation Boost

Breathing exercises help bring more oxygen into the body and muscles, increasing blood flow and circulation. Most people have joined yoga because of health issues such as the inability to breathe properly and heart disease. So, if you're going through a similar issue, yin yoga can help impact your health in great ways.

Lower Stress Levels

When you do yin yoga exercises, your mind focuses more on your movements. Your parasympathetic nervous system activates by slowing your heart rate, which relaxes your body.

Super Flexibility

Elastic tissues (fascia) and joints keep your body's flexibility. Since you hold your poses longer with yin yoga, it will help increase this overall flexibility. 

Equipment Needed for Yin Yoga

Want to start your natural yoga journey? Check out the yoga equipment you'll need as a beginner, all of which can be found through our online store.


The best cork yoga blocks are lengthy; some can be hard and thick, while others can be soft and spongy. Yoga beginners might find wood blocks uncomfortable because of their hardness, but they offer great support when doing certain exercises. There are different types of blocks at affordable prices you'll find at the Yoga tribe online store.


Bolsters are similar to blocks and cushions and are used to help you reach your help as you practice certain yoga positions. Whenever you do postures that require stretching your hands to your feet, bolsters will support you. One of the greatest benefits bolsters provide is to help your muscles relax. Some people also like to place bolsters underneath their spine, which helps them relax. 


Sandbags can be used on different body parts when doing yoga postures. The pressure of this prop on your body will diffuse anxiety feelings, help you with calmness and alleviate muscle strength. You can buy them either filled or unfilled. If you buy an unfilled bag, you can fill them however you want. 


Sustainable yoga mats help you enjoy your session even better by keeping you from sliding on the floor and providing insulation between the ground floor and the human body. Opting for a thick yoga mat is ideal for all practitioners.


Straps help keep you in a pose and avoid unwanted positions without having to use your muscles. They are commonly used in Hatha Yoga classes for learners to reach their feet or backbend.

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