Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Older people are mostly seen as an age group that does not have the flexibility and strength to carry out certain kinds of exercises. That is not true -- it is never too late to begin yoga exercises. Yoga postures exist to improve your health. They are very good for all age groups as they improve your overall health and focus on your muscles and bones. Scroll to know more about the perfect yoga exercises for older people!


Why is Yoga Beneficial to Seniors?

Natural yoga exercises help release tension and reduce stress for people of all ages. It could even help seniors reduce the number of medications they may be taking. For example, people who suffer from osteoarthritis may join yoga classes to learn breathing exercises that can help them release pain. Breathing practice help release lots of tensions and negative energy in the human body and automatically gives you more strength.

Adults that tend to do yoga also tend to have good sleeping patterns. Some adults find it hard to sleep due to work stress, trauma, finances, and various other reasons. But when they start doing yoga, their heart rate increases and then decreases when they calm down. This helps clear their mind and improves their sleep patterns. 

Suitable Yoga Poses for Seniors

The older you get, the more you need to focus on doing simple exercises. Yoga Tribe has you covered with all the tools and natural cork blocks you need. Check out some of these more suitable poses for older practitioners.

Tree Pose

Tree poses help strengthen your legs and concentrate on your balance. All you have to do is stand and lift one of your feet higher, touching your knee by opening your legs. After that, put your hands together in a praying position. You may do this for as long as eight breaths.


Place a blanket in front of you. Lie down facing it, placing your forearms and stomach on the blanket. Press into your arms and stretch your shoulders backwards. Lift in your abdominals and remain until five to eight breaths. This exercise improves your back and opens your chest. 


This is a very effective exercise that refreshes your nervous system. All you have to do is lay back flat on the floor using a jute rubber yoga mat or blanket. Just relax and breathe -- this will give you peace of mind.

Mountain Pose 

This pose is done by standing tall with your feet held together and strengthening your leg muscles. Then, move your hips forward and backwards; also, do the same for your shoulders. Flex your abs and back as it'll adjust your spine. We advise you to take deep breaths as you practise this exercise.

Ujjayi Breathing

This chair yoga pose is for those who find it hard to be on their feet. Just sit up straight, resting your hands on your waist, and inhale deeply and slowly. Then exhale at the same pace you inhaled. 

Keep practising as much as you can -- it’ll give you more strength and boost your immune system.

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