A trip to your Consciousness: Powerful Conversations

“Poverty consists of being late for the conversations that the world invents.” Fernando Flores. "All human living occurs in conversations and it is in that space where the reality in which we live is created."

It is through conversations (internal or public) that human beings coordinate actions, reflect, express ourselves, give meaning to events and our actions, we relate to each other. So, it is in conversations that human beings invent the world, now I ask you ... what world are you creating?  Maturana's saying, "language is a dance between saying and moving"

When we refer to conversations, we understand them as an intertwining between speaking, listening and emotionality ... in which we invent possibilities and make them come true.

Human beings live immersed in explanations and narrative conversations.

(We tell a story)
Listening is equal to "HEAR + INTERPRET" I have interpreted with our beliefs.

Do you have beliefs, or do beliefs have you?

The way to change your world is by changing your story.

There are many who believe that having a communication is simply a transmission of information. The transmission of information is only one apart, and many times less, than what constitutes communication. I am only responsible for what I say, you are responsible for what you hear.
Listening has nothing to do with the flow of information, but rather with interpreting and tuning in interpretations.

It has more to do with building interpretative consensus than with exchanging data .

To what new worlds to open?
Of conversations participate?

How to expand my way of interpreting my circumstances and the world, to expand my horizon of possibilities? What conversations and spaces will give me more power to create the future to which I am committed?
The human being can take a look at the emotion of him, he can reflect because he has the language. All human living occurs in conversations and it is in that space where the reality in which we live is created.
Humberto Maturana, Biologist.
"Maturity is what I reach when I no longer have the need to judge or blame anything or anyone for what happens to me." Antony de Melo.
The power of positivity alters our physical world.

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