How to choose the best Yoga mat - for Kids

It is the dream of every Yoga mum to introduce this amazing healing therapy to our little ones and even a bigger dream is for them to follow up with this practice as adults.

Like everything else, we dream someone would have told us before how good it feels and how good it is for your body, mind and soul to spend this time with yourself in fully awareness; to make the simple given action of breathing a sacred moment of gratitude.

Now when it comes to Yoga for kids, we are talking about an introduction of what it looks to practice yoga, an introduction of spending time in your “magic carpet” and have fun moving your body.

To make this time even more special there is always the possibility of purchasing a kids yoga mat specially design for them, understanding this is a luxury; there are still few devoted mums who will be happy to invest on this sacred magic carpet for their kids to practice.

What we recommend for you to look at the time of purchase.

  • Eco-friendly & Sustainable.                                                                       We must educate the new generation to come to care about our planet. Although they are probably way more conscious than us when it comes down to this intuitive respect to others.                                                      There is today a big range of sustainable eco yoga stores selling different types of eco yoga mat, look into the business itself, make sure you are aligned with the vision of the company you are supporting. Shopping with awareness is an invitation to become a real "yogui" in every moment given. If you earn enough to buy a yoga mat for your child, you probably care enough for the quality of what you are buying for them.                    Make sure your kid mat is TOXIC FREE. 
  • Fun and Meaningful.                                                                                  We can have any design under the stars in a yoga mat, make sure when it comes to choose one for your child that there is a message hidden behind the graphics, a good graphic designer will know that we are passing a non-verbal message through images, colours, textures, etc...and youngsters are masters in reading all this languages as it is their primal language. We must remember the words we introduce for them comes with time. Remember also the initial intention for them to have a mat on their own, what are the emotions you would like to encourage? Is it peace? fun? energy? excitement? quiet time? Take all this into consideration when it comes to choose the perfect match for your child.
  • Grippy.                                                                                                          You want and need the mat surface to be grippy, as you want to be safe  without the risk of slipping or falling. You can also look into the alternative of soft and spongy if what you are looking for is to be cosy and chill.
  •  Connection.                                                                                               You want your kid to love their yoga mat so much that they will be looking forward to have more time on it, you can create a whole story around their magic carpet and teach them how to look after it and teach them that this is their sacred space for them, only for them. ( read our blog about the magic carpet for inspiration) 

We hope that this sharing helps you to  pick the most suitable and perfect eco yoga mat for your precious little one and can help you in your search of the best mat for your needs.

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