A Journey to your Consciousness: "Your Yoga Mat, a vital tool in your briefcase of the future"

We are a unit. Body, emotion, language and spirit.

Yoga is a wonderful discipline that allows us to address ourselves in these four domains. This is why we consider it so important to make your Yoga experience, your daily practice CONSCIOUS. Check what emotion and what conversation you are in before starting your practice.

What is the language you use that speaks of you?

You can elongate much more than your muscles, elongate your belief frame, ELONGATE YOUR MIND. Humans are crossed by two forces; one is structural conflict; where we come from, family, our mental model / beliefs, the conditions we have created in the past, where we live, our conversations with ourselves and with others. And the other force is the vision of the future, where I want to go ... and if we take it to a more spiritual plane, it simply boils down to the question;

What did I come here for?
What is my mission here?

Let's build "future memory" responsibly implies going through the discomfort of error. Otherwise I'm still afraid of it if I don't go through it.

Regain the balance of our external and internal realities, facilitate adaptation to change and contact with reality, protect the emotional balance, allow the development of the being, observe our aggressive and sadistic behaviors.
Ambivalence, anxiety, dependencies, generation of phobias, obscenity, delirious. When we are aware that we are traversed by these two forces, the work begins ...

We invite you to work together asking ourselves the questions that lead us to change.

Get on the magic carpet of this Adventure in CONSCIOUSNESS.
Join us in this series of reflections with Olivia Reyes Berrier.

Technician in Leadership and Ontological design.
"A Trip to your Conscience"

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