Your time in meditation is your training ground for real life!

The more time we spend doing exercise, the likely more fit we will get. The more time we spend lifting weights, the stronger we get physically. That’s common knowledge right?!


Did you know that the more time we spend meditating, the more we refine our ability and capacity to regulate our nervous system, to manage our stress levels, and to tap in to a sense of calm and ease when we need it?


Let’s prioritise time to sit in meditation every day, just like we do with daily movement and food intake! Create your own personal “practice ground” for real life. Call it your own internal gym where you can get better and better and finding a relaxed and receptive state which will still be with you when you step back out in to the world.


Because here’s the thing … we don’t even need to meditate for a long time to improve our skill or to experience the benefits. Science has shown that even as little as five minutes a day can have a huge amount of impact when done consistently.


I dream of a time when “nipping off to meditate” is as normal and as accepted as ducking off to the gym on a work lunch break, or going out for a run after work. I reckon we’re getting closer to it too.

Our minds and our nervous systems need and deserve as much attention as our physical bodies do. All of our systems are interlinked, and we need to “train” them all if we want our entire body to function optimally.


So, here’s your little dose of encouragement to take five minutes today to unplug, welcome some quiet, and sit with your breath and your thoughts. You’ll be benefitting all aspects of your health on a huge level without doing very much at all!




By Alex Ballagh

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