Make it Sacred

I hear you … life is busy.


There are kids, shopping lists, meetings, household jobs, social gatherings, and future planning on the list – just to name a few things!


If you’re anything like me, the beautiful busy chaos that is this life we have been gifted can sometimes get a little on to of us, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and depleted.


So, how do we turn the mundane, the busyness, the “everyday”, in to something a little more special, helping ourselves to brighten our perspective and weave in more magic in the process.


One of the answers, I believe, is ritual.


Make it a ritual, my friends.


Create some ceremony and specialness in your day, no matter what you are doing, by turning those little things you often do without even thinking in to acts of mindfulness and intention.


Washing your hands? Take a deep breath as you do, take in the aroma of the soap, massage your hardworking hands, watch the bubbles, and then appreciate the clean, running water as you wash them off.


Making a cuppa? Enjoy the steam in the cup, the smell of the tea/coffee/cacao, the feeling of warmth as you take the cup in your hands, breathe deep and take a slow sip, savouring it – even just for a moment.


Even in the car … as you drive to work, you can create small moments of joy. Do these on the daily and they quickly become a habit – and you may even find you come to enjoy these moments a little more.


There is much scientific research out there proving that small pockets of mindfulness can have a huge number of benefits on our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. These include:

· Improved mood

· Increased ability to respond rather than react in emotive situations

· Reduced Anxiety and Stress.

· Better Memory and cognitive functioning

· Stronger Relationships with more connectedness


Life can be hard and tiring but, more often than not, there is beauty and connection and kindness and magic. You just have to slow down, tune in, and enjoy it.

Thanks for being here, now go make some magic!

A x

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