10 Practical Tips to find "The Inherent Power Within "

How do you feel when you look out at the world around you? How are you impacted by recent events throughout the globe? How are your body and emotions impacted by these newfound observations? Are you able to digest this heavy dose of information?
Is the relentless repetition of the official narrative giving you indigestion?

Well if so, I’m sure you’re not alone.

Propaganda is a dish best served…. never.

The context of life has shifted. No one is left unaffected. And I mean, the type of “pulled the carpet out from under your feet” shifting. Radical. Unforgiving. How could we have been ready for this?

Without frame of reference for what is transpiring, we’ve reached a very potent point in our existence. Our physical reality is transitioning rapidly and threats to safety and homeostasis are an everyday concern. We’re franticly seeking reassurance and confirmation that we will be alright, and that life will soon return to normal. We are hanging out for that huge sigh of relief, and the end of the storm. We’ve spent the past few months in survival mode, seeing our collective field infected with potential threats everywhere. We’ve alienated ourselves and the separation is widespread. Separation from our brothers and sisters, and separation from within our own being. We seem so easily led astray. What happened to self-trust? What happened to the trust we had in our own natural immune system, biological resilience, and physical health?

I can’t help but wonder that if we lived a life where we had truly invested and nourished our physical mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, would we be nearly half as paranoid and blindly ready to accept the official health directives strong-armed onto us? Perhaps we didn't invest in our health. Perhaps the invisible threat is something to be afraid of.

Fear is an ever powerful system disruptor, that infiltrates our body at a cellular level. The biology of fear is valid. This primal fight-or-flight response has kept us alive and powered us to survive in the midst of predators and threats. However, to exist each day with a low-lying level of fear, distrusting the reality around us and everyone in it, is harmful to us on so many different levels.

Fear weakens the immune system and depletes us of vital life force. How fascinating that the current agenda at its core is only deemed effective by measuring how intense the fear response in society is, and how often that state is maintained. For many of us, this becomes an addiction and we find it immensely difficult to reinstate calm and override our programming.
We are at the tipping point of our third-dimensional realm. The external world is confusing and contradictory and we are being called to bring everything into question. Truth is subjective as it has always been, and will always be. Yes, our sovereignty is getting seriously challenged, but so it should be. Complacency and inaction are a disservice to us all, and not conducive to evolution and expansion. In this difficult interim, it is our responsibility to do away with passivity, rise up and manage our own health and wellbeing, to take care and nourish bodies, our minds, and our hearts in the ways that align best for us. We have the capacity to be empowered through the choices we make for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Below is a list of methods that could be helpful to offset some of the physical and emotional strain during this time:

1• Limit intake of information/media/news/ social media. Reduce screen time and usage of devices (It becomes increasingly difficult to develop a strong sense of internal trust when we are constantly inundated with conflicting news agendas and media manipulation. Finding reliable information is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Information is vibration and we are absorbing those frequencies. Be sure to discern and think critically, but also give yourself frequent respite from the attachment of needing to know the latest)

2• Meditation/ Pranayama/ Yoga/ exercise/ quietening the mind and oxygenating the body

3• Consume high prana (life force) food. Grow it yourself, buy organic, buy local. Drink alkaline water if possible

4• Vitamin D supplementation and spend time in the sun

5• Connect with others... As a social species and our human resonance network is so powerful. The heart is 100,000 times stronger and 5,000 times magnetically stronger than the brain. Live from your heart and connect to others through your heart space and authentic relating

6• Epsom salt baths

7• EMF (electro-magnetic field) protective crystals- black tourmaline, shungite, orgonite, fluorite…

8• Binaural beats, 432hz, 783hz (Shuman resonance) headphones

9• Spend time in nature and around natural bodies of water (lakes, rivers, streams…), walk barefoot and have a dialogue with Gaia to transmute whatever you are carrying around emotionally that you know doesn’t belong to you (esp for empaths)

10. Find GRATITUDE, this will lift your energy in the right moment you can find an internal smile for something you are grateful for in the present moment.


Written by Katrina Smith

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