Our Tribe Of Love Foundation  

Creating a community of love, presence, kindness and trust.

Giving back to our tribes and  gifting teachings that happiness is always the way...

Yogatribe’s intention is to create opportunity and through this to give back to our community.


We want to help each individual soul to remember what we seem to have forgotten, what is essential to live our truth. We call ourselves a Tribe, as we strive to live more simply, more connected to one-another, more in touch with the beauty and secrets of nature, and mostly more in touch with ourselves.

The purpose of the foundation will be to create a safe space for sharing with our community and to contribute to each soul’s wellbeing.

 We will be hosting a FREE event for our communities – Food for your heart, body and mind at – The Soul Kitchen – Gathering every new moon.

A chance to gather, to remember, to fill our cups and to find what we already know is within....

If you would like to know more on how to be a part of this vision please leave your details below xx

Message sent, thanks!