Welcome to Your Transformational Journey and thank you for trusting me! It is my honour to walk by your side in this chapter of your life to unlock your true potential, overcome fears, and embrace a life aligned with your deepest desires!

This transformation occurs in you and me while walking together...

This precious 12-week holistic program is designed just for you as we go,

so there might be some changes but here is the structure of the program that we will be navigating and transforming together!

Week 1: Embrace Self-Reflection Dive into journaling and mindfulness meditation to lay the foundation for self-discovery.

Week 2: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced. We will create a vision board that visualises your dreams and goals.

 Week 3: Conquer Your Fears Identify and confront your fears head-on . Let's identify them, face them and see them dissolve in front of us . Learn powerful techniques to reframe negative thoughts and build resilience.

Week 4: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced.( 1hr online or phone meeting) "Accountability Buddy" call

Week 5: Connect with Your Inner Desires Clarify your values and explore your passions. Set inspiring goals that resonate with your true self.

Week 6: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced.( 1hr online or phone  meeting)

Week 7: Nurture Your Body-Mind Connection Experience the transformative power of body scan meditation and movement therapy. Discover the link between nutrition, wellness, and a thriving mind.

Week 8: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced.( 1hr body work/ healing restorative massage) 

Week 9: Master Your Mind Integrate mindfulness into your daily life for a calmer, focused mind. Develop emotional intelligence and stress reduction techniques.

Week 10: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced.( 1hr online or phone  meeting)

Week 11: Cultivate Lasting Change Enhance communication skills for more meaningful connections. Embrace gratitude and celebrate your journey towards a more fulfilling life.

Week 12: Integration week of what have been learned and practiced. ( 1hr online or phone  meeting)

What to Expect:

Engaging activities, discussions, movement, yoga, restorative practices, aromatherapy, journaling, art, dance, breath work, meditation and supportive conversations, you might even received a body work  included in your session if we discover your body need it and you live close by.  Practical tools and techniques that you can easily apply in your daily life. A safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration and growth.

Ready to embark on this life-changing adventure?

Join me on a journey to discover, transform, and celebrate the amazing individual that you are!