Yoga Benefits Beyond The Mat

We might think that yoga is all about twisting bodies on mats but that's not the case! Not only does the YogaTribe website offer eco-friendly products and great benefits, but yoga training brings so many benefits and lightens up your life. 

Yoga postures have helped so many people with their health and even their self-image. It's not only practising on a jute rubber yoga mat. No! It's way beyond that! Keep reading to know the exact benefits of doing yoga, especially if you want your body to feel light and flexible.

5 Benefits About Practising Yoga

There are different yoga styles one can practice, and all of them come with great benefits for a person’s body.



To maintain good health you need to have time to sleep, without sleep you won't be able to have a productive day which leads to stress. A person who doesn't sleep usually faces issues such as depression, weight loss or gain, anxiety, fatigue, and many more.

Practising natural yoga will help you sleep better and improve your mental health. Yoga is such a calm exercise that it definitely works on a person’s mental health.


Self Image

Have you ever felt insecure about your body? Well, you're not the only one, everyone has had that feeling! Studies have shown that one of the greatest yoga benefits yogis have experienced is a boost in self-confidence which leads to them believing in and loving themselves more. 



It’s safe to say that some people might be mindful of their bodies and mindset. According to our research, the more you practise you’ll be more aware of your skills. 

Also, yogis have a greater probability of passing a creative thinking test compared to those who don't practice yoga. So, if you know that you lack in those areas, choosing yoga as an alternative is likely to be a very good idea. 

Mindfulness enhances the development of yogis’ minds and encourages new inventive ideas.  This improvement in mental flexibility helps boost their problem-solving skills. Therefore we advise yogis to be active in their workouts to help them in those areas.


Enhancing Fitness 

Yoga exercises will increase your ability to work out and also teach you how to use your weight with resistance. On our website, we have the best yoga cork blocks to help support and engage your muscles. 

The major thing any person practising yoga can tell you is the strength they gain after every session. So, your ability to work out will improve drastically and it can also prevent other types of injuries when you participate in other types of physical activities. 


Heart Disease

Inhale positivity and exhale negativity! Breathing exercises are really important as one can never know what’s wrong inside of them. This is especially true for people suffering from asthma, every time you practise breathing exercises, your oxygen intake increases. 

Breaths are used to predict our energy level, so seek to improve your stamina by increasing energy. Lastly, yoga practices help with heart disease and other types of sickness in your bloodstream.


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