Who AM I? by Chantelle Callagher

Who AM I? That is the question.

AM I the child who is the center of her imagination?

Or the adult dealing with everyday frustrations?

AM I the cell of a Universal Being?

Or God, all-knowing and seeing?

AM I the product of life's conveyer belt?

Or the sum total of experience ever felt?

AM I the person to stand up and fight

For what I firmly believe is right?

Or do I step back and blame others' lack?

AM I my thoughts, my feelings, my insight?

Or just matter, or energy or a Being of Light?

AM I my parent's child seen through their eyes?

Or simply the genes of my family ties?

AM I a soul incarnated and one of GOD's team?

Or AM I a vision and living a dream?

AM I an alien from out of space

Part of a lineage from a forgotten race?

I AM all of these things but so much more

For what I think and believe is a creative core

Which determines my choices thus experiences I'll feel

Realizing that dreams can become real.

I AM what I think and believe that I am.

I AM THAT I AM and all that I can.


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