The Science Behind Relaxing ...

Ever wonder why you often have your best ideas in the shower, or when out walking your dog, or after a yoga/meditation practice?


The reason is because your mind is completely present and relaxed!


Your brain has “shifted gears” to allow for more space for creativity and responsiveness.


How does this work?



Inside our brain are electric currents that fire constantly to enable us to have thoughts and feelings and to take action.


The types of currents and their patterns and speed depend on the level of consciousness and mental state you are in at any given time. It highly depends on what you are experiencing in that moment.


There are a variety of “levels” of brain waves or frequencies, all of which are useful for different purposes. We spend much of our time in the higher frequencies (check tomorrow’s post for more info), as they are the fastest functioning – BUT too much time here can lead to heightened levels of anxiety and stress.


Below you’ll see an infographic I created explaining the five main brain wave frequencies and what they are useful for:


t is super important to spend time in all states - especially the lower and slower frequencies if you are seeking nervous system regulation!


The practice of Yoga Nidra guides you through the various states of brain wave frequency in a very mindful and intentional way, enabling you to drop deeper one layer at a time, “shedding” or letting go of unwanted stress along the way.


It is a conscious entry in to the theta and delta states.If you are keen to give it a try subscribe here to receive a free, guided session!


Enjoy, and be well


Alex x


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