Exercises for Yoga Breathing

Yoga breathing helps us to be aware of our self-esteem and surroundings. It also impacts our attitudes and the way we act on certain things. When we perform breathing exercises, our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, and the mind and body release tension. Stress levels, anxieties, and even high blood pressure tend to lower.

Now, when we speak of yoga breathing, there are some exercises and sustainable yoga equipment that enhance our breathing. These breathing exercises help us to gain strength, maintain good balance, and promote an increase in our flexibility. We’ll share some yoga exercises that improve breathing during yoga, so keep on reading!


Types of Exercises

Here are a few of the best yoga breathing exercises to give a try.


Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi pranayama is known as the "ocean breath" exercise and helps to cool down one's mind from frustration, anger, or irritation. For this exercise you take a deep breath in through your mouth, and breathe out slowly through your nose, simulating the movement of waves. 

Kapalabhati Pranayama

Translated the term means "skull shining". This exercise improves your respiratory system by keeping your lungs healthy. Sit down with your legs crossed, whilst keeping your upper body straight. Rest your palms on your knees, and start inhaling and exhaling with your abdomen muscles contracting shortly.

Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana is an alternate nostril breathing exercise, whereby you exhale smoothly through either side of your nostrils, blocking the other part with your thumb. Once having exhaled enough, you may switch to your other nostrils and repeat the exercise.

Dirga Pranayama 

Diaphragm breathing feels much more comfortable to perform on a tree rubber yoga mat. You can either sit or lie down, depending on which position you are more comfortable with. In this position, start breathing in and out through your nose. When inhaling, you should breathe in deeper to pump your stomach like an air balloon.

Siitkari Kumbhaka

This yoga breathing exercise works by inhaling through your nose for at least eight seconds. After that, you open your mouth letting your teeth rest on your tongue lightly as you exhale. This exhalation will sound like the hissing of a snake. Siitkari kumbhaka translated means the "hissing breath".


Brahmari in other words "the humming breath", is quite similar to the ujjayi breathing exercise. The only difference is that when it comes to exhalation, you have to hum like a bee. This brings vibration to your heart and head, which helps your circulation and blood flow. It also increases your emotional and mental awareness.

Shiitali Kumbhaka

This is a great cooldown exercise for after a workout, or even if you’re feeling feverish. Shiitali Kumbhaka is a cool breathing exercise that may help with overheating in your upper digestive tract, neck, or your head. All you do is stick out your tongue lengthwise and deeply breathe in. Close your mouth, hold that breath, and then breathe out through your nose after at least eight seconds.


This stimulating breathing exercise is a natural yoga practice that helps restore energy and increases alertness. You start with your right nostril by closing it with your thumb, while inhaling twenty times through your left nostril. Once done, you may switch and repeat the same technique.

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