The gathering

Dear One,

We are delighted to invite you to "The Gathering" an exclusive and transformative co-creative retreat at the breathtaking Kula Retreat in Muriwai, Auckland;

the weekend of 30 August to 1 September 2024.                       From 2pm Friday until 3pm Sunday.

You have been specially chosen to be a part of this intimate gathering. As one of a select group of extraordinary women, your contributions will be invaluable to our collective journey.Please know, this is an amazing opportunity as well for you to shine your light and share your gift with some other extraordinary women just having an amazing REST and a LUXURY time while doing so ...

"The Gathering" is a co-creative retreat where each participant's wisdom and talents are valued and celebrated.


To maintain a sense of enchantment, the identities of the other participants will be revealed at the opening ceremony.

This will allow for a magical atmosphere and the formation of new sisterhood connections

During this luxurious weekend, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Share your special offering to an appreciative and supportive audience. There's no obligation to present-some will and some won't. Your presence alone is valued and cherished.
  • Engage in meaningful exchanges with other powerful women.
  • Experience a curated retreat designed to nurture, remember, inspire, and empower.

We encourage you to offer as much or as little as you feel inspired to share, knowing that each contribution is valuable.

The Gathering is about leaving egos and "business" aside and immersing yourself in a bubble of love, sisterhood, support, and gifts.

You have received this invitation because we recognize your heartfelt dedication to everything you do.

As a co-creative retreat, we would like you to describe an offering you may like to contribute, no matter its size-every gift has its unique worth, and this is a space free from competition and comparison.
Additionally, we are eager to know what YOU would like to receive from a co-creative weekend like this.

Your input will help us ensure that "The Gathering" meets the hopes and needs of every participant.

We are committed to making this retreat accessible, with costs kept to a minimum of NZ $850 ( please know this price is half and sometimes less than any other retreat this characteristics in New Zealand ),while ensuring a luxurious and unforgettable experience.
Your contribution and participation will be invaluable to the success of this event.

Please remember this event is an INVITE-ONLY event, and the nature of it is a co-creative space.

To confirm your attendance at the retreat,

RSVP by June 20th to with a brief description of your offering about your workshop, service, or gift and NZ$150 non-refundable deposit. ( or go to "contact page" here and write your message there :)

Join us for a weekend of connection, inspiration, and growth.

The memories we have together will be created long after we part ways.

We look forward to your positive response and the unique energy and talent you will bring to

"The Gathering"

With love & excitement with what is to come...

Lisa & Coka