Factory Seconds Metatron Mystikka Purple Organic Jute 100% Eco YogaTribe® Mat

$70 $125


YogaTribe® Premium Jute & PER Yoga Mat is made of natural organic jute fibers and polymer environmental resin. Jute is a natural vegetable fiber, which converts our yoga mat into a non-toxic, non-phlegmatic, latex-free and silicone-free element.

Disclaimer: Please note that this product was part of a manufacturing run where there are mild defects to the mats, such as and not limited to:

Small pieces of excess Jute (this can simply be cut off)

Temporary debris as the rubber wears down due to excess rubber (this should only last approximately your first month of use)

All factory seconds mats are non-refundable if the above faults occur 


Size: 183cm long x 61cm wide

Length: 10 cm longer than the average yoga mat

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 1.5 kg


METATRON: It contains every form that exists within the universe. The creation map combines the triangle and the inverted triangle within itself that represents the masculine and the feminine within all of us. The arrow reminds us again how life will constantly make us go back with difficulties, but whenever our goal is to choose love and find our center ... like a bow and arrow together, you will find that power and strength to aim at your goal.

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