21 Day Membership to Intune Yoga Daily


FREE Membership to Intune Yoga Daily online classes as part of our Wellness Collaboration for March.

This beautiful Gift provides comes with our love and gives you and a friend access to the online program until the 31st March 2021.

Just select the mat you love and ensure you add this FREE bundle product to your cart and off you go. 

(Value $45 - unavailable outside of this bundle purchase)

"The intention of the Intune Yoga Daily mentorship is to support you in your wellbeing home practice. In just 20 minutes a day you will feel stronger and more empowered in your mind and body. You will feel more connected to your heart and more in tune with your soul.

  • Online LIVE 6:30am weekdays
  • movement + mantra + membership
  • Grounded. Connected. Empowered.

The best way to feel it, is to experience it.
If you love it, stay with us. 

See you on your YogaTribe® mat in the Intune Yoga Daily members group.

Sending love and wellness
Lisa Tregenza xx"

This offer is exclusive to YogaTribe® Customers and is valid for 24 hours once you complete your purchase.  Activate your membership through the post purchase facility with a $1 transaction.  For your convenience, after your complementary 21 days, membership continues $15 weekly.  Cancel at anytime.

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