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A2 size (16.5 x 23.4" / 420 x 594mm)
Printed in Rose Gold metallic ink
100% recycled paper

A2 size (16.5 x 23.4" / 420 x 594mm)
Printed in Rose Gold metallic ink
100% recycled paper


This product is designed for all of Australia, New Zealand and Asia etc. Exact timezone is set to AEDT/AEST (GMT+10)


Connect daily with the moon in the sky, and track it with this beautiful calendar. 

The moon is like a big reflector, echoing the wisdom of the cosmos back to us. Get to know the signs by feeling the movement of the moon through them, embodying moon wisdom.

Know what sign the moon is in every day of the year. This calendar comes with a key covering the signs, symbols and elements for understanding the flavor of the moon.

The phases of the moon are also outlined for working with the moon's energy, dreaming, actioning, shedding and adjusting, including eclipses - the portal openers.

Beautifully illustrated and printed with rose gold metallic ink on 100% recycled A2 poster stock.

Moon-ruled potent herbs and botanicals, Blue Lotus, Moonwart and Jasmine accompany you this year as we cycle through the moons together. 


Connection to the moon affects our menstrual cycles too, track your menstrual cycle with the moon by coloring in the droplet. Understanding our cycles alone are incredibly rich with wisdom and it is so empowering when we get to know our different phases. Linking it with the moon then goes even deeper into the layers of our astrological blueprints seeing the intricate connection of our bodies to the earth and sky.

After a while you will start to notice patterns of a phase or moon sign you fall on and visually see the ebbs and flows with the moon. Our cycles can bring up themes we've been working through in our lives and often have messages for us when we create the space to listen. This is your sacred space.

Enjoy the magic of the moon being a conduit between heaven and the earth, just as you are.



The moon changes astrological signs approximately every 2.5 days, sometimes in the middle of the day. The sign that is shown on a given day on this calendar is the dominant moon sign for that day, unless a new or full moon falls under a specific sign, that sign is shown.

If you are after exact times and themes for working with the moon our 2022 Astrological Planners have it all, plus menstrual cycle information and so much more.

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