Getting the best out of your YogaTribe products. 
We invite you to join us with Nikki Ralston - creator of the "The Roleston Method" with her YogaTribe exclusive prop tutorials.

Exclusive training with Nikki Raleston 

A gift from our tribe to you. Exclusive access to free monthly tutorials, providing you insights on the importance of yoga blocks and the support they provide with length and ensuring proper alignment.  We invite you to learn with Nikki on  using these props as a tool for strength building and assisting in balance ensuring you are gaining the full benefit during your yoga journey. 

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Nikki Ralston

Yoga Teacher and creator of "The Ralston Method"

Nikki Ralston is a natural teacher who has been working with the human body for over 20 years as a hands on therapist and yoga teacher. Her passion for yoga, movement and understanding of anatomy, shines through and is infectious to others. Nikki has been at the forefront of popularising yoga in New Zealand working with everyone from high performance athletes and teams, stressed out executives, injury and trauma recovery, motivating every body to move with skill and precision. Committed to honoring the ancient practice of yoga while making it functional, and relevant for the modern lifestyle.

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